Smith Global Sourcing is a young company created by alumni of the famous Tongji University of Shanghai. Our company’s mission is to satisfy our clients in every fields of our speciality:

  • Sourcing & Procurement,
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Optimization,
  • Logistics & related Paperwork (quality control, transportation, re-invoicing, etc.).

We trade in various industries, with NO limitation.

Industrial machineries, Office & School Supplies, Office & Home Furnitures, Fast Moving Consumer Goods A/C systems Detergent and Cosmetics, Raw Materials, Agricultural products, etc. For these products, we have a supplier network of 500+ around the world, and our product list is expanding every months. Our motto very describes this state of mind ours:

“You want it ? We have it.”

Our business model is innovative compared to our competitors.

While creating this trading house, we used our International Network to build our client base. Our model turned every client of ours as agent in their country or suppliers of their finished processed goods that we trade in their neighbooring countries. We are devoted to help our clients to reach success, and in turn, our clients determine our success.

We have a special service in the world’s biggest market Yìwū (Zhejiang, China).

We have a warehouse ready for your customers and two agents that takes care of all picking and container consolidation. Services can be tailored for your needs.

We also offer a re-invoicing service.

The A-Z paperwork processes, taking care of all sort of shipments (inland, Seaway, Airways, etc.).

We can propose to team for tendering processes.

This last year we have been submitting and gaining Tenders in the Middle East and Africa. Do not hesitate if you have RFP to win in your country.

Do not waist time.