Loose leaf sheets: Simple sheets & Double sheets

… and much more choice available (see specs.)

Loose leaf sheets: Simple sheets & Double sheets

  • Format: almost any format available: A4 | A5
  •  Ruling: Seyes | 5×5 | LM
  • Grammage (basis weight): 55g/m² to 90g/m²
  • Punched or Unpunched
  • Color: standard white or green | pink | blue | yellow
! Added value: possibility to have customized artwork on cover 

Sheets -> Packets -> cartons

  • Sheets are gathered in shrink-wrapped packets
  • Packets are gathered in cartons
  • Cartons are put in a container
  • Malaysia (top quality)

Consolidated container is possible for this product with the following products:

Learn more about consolidated containers 

  • If full container: 1 x 20′ TC (20 MT)
  • If consolidated container: 100 cartons per article
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